Community Comes Together to Give 9 year Old Kevin A Birthday Party

News 9 Covered a Story of a mother who posted a picture of her 9 old birthday boy with autism sitting on curb alone when they tried to throw him a birthday party and nobody showed. Josh Byrus, And Bryan Tilson and multiple organizers got on board and started campaign to show this kid a great time by a bunch of cars preparing to roll in to show him a good time. As gifts were coming in from all over the world for young Kevin thanks to Kennas Angels out of Georgia. Before you know it within a week a a statewide birthday party  was coming together. and within a week the whole community including ride Oklahoma Charities, Tilson’s Innovations, and a lot of car guys and friends Panda Grill Red Iguana Smallcakes Santa Western Equipment along with the Operation Christmas Train Set foundation pulled together a massive birthday party with at least over 300= people in attendance to make this young man’s day a special one. It’s amazing what the power of social media can do to bring people together for a great cause.

See links to organizers and businesses below who made it happen and the news coverage link below.

Tilson’s Innovations Garage[0]=31.[1351564349%2C%22intro_card%22%2C%7B%7D]

Rie Oklahoma Charities Association

UpBeat Treats

Texas Road House

Kenna’s Angels

Team Autism Racing

And many more awesome organizations, individuals and car clubs made this a great day for Kevin

News 9 Story

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