It’s time for some Foundation Reorganization (Note From the Executive Director)

05/01/2018 12:48pm Cst

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

Good Afternoon,
Let me first say thank you to all the people, companies, volunteers, and donors who have made it possible to serve over 7500 children in need the last 4 years. It is time for a new direction in the future of OCTSF and the kids they serve. As we see the change in demands for toys and train sets dwindle and the demand for technologically advanced entertainment for children slowly but surely taking over basic play, as well as the increase in the cost of resources and a slow decline in contributions and corporate sponsorship, in addition to the rise in the increase for the requirements for be liability covered when fundraising or volunteer and client interaction, or when distributing specific items to children. In addition to the decline in support and volunteer time to assist the staff in fulfilling it’s mission and serve the children in need and with every one’s busy lives it is getting more difficult to fulfill our mission, as well as changes in the lives of our board members that limits their involvement and support. We have a lot to consider the direction of our economic environment and other external and internal factors that would restrict us in fulfilling our mission. We must step back and reevaluate everything involving Octsf and its mission..

More details to come and thank you for your support

Dustin Fisher

Executive Director
Operation Christmas Train Set Foundation

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