How To Apply for Christmas Gift Assistance

via How To Apply for Christmas Gift Assistance

Our Criteria for review of Assistance Applications for Christmas Gifts
* Must Live within 40 miles of Downtown OKC
* Must not be receiving Christmas Gifts from another Agency
* Must be of income level below 30000 annually
* Must be in school on gvt assistance, or at least working part time
* Must be able to attend Christmas Distribution Party (more info to come) Children must be present to receive gigt
* Children Must be 17 and under )unless caring for a disabled adult of childlike age).
* Must be the legal guardian of the children receiving the gifts
* Must be a us or oklahoma resident or citizen
* Must be referred by a local charity ministry or gvt agency (facebook does not count as a referring agency)
* Mst be able to show a true need
* We are limited to 1 gift per child
* There are other Factors that maybe taken into consideration in the review process as deemed fit for the review process by the board of directors and approval of applications is also based on available resources
 If you meet this criteria then  follow the application link to apply the deadline for applications is 11/24/17  once applications are reviewed please allow 14-17 business days for response.
We also reserve the right to check applicants based on a special check we do to see if applicants are receiving christmas assistance from multiple agencies to ensure the cut down on double dipping and to ensure the gifts get into the hands of a child truly in need. We appreciate your Patience while we begin the review process of a few hundred applications and while our system is Down.. Approved applicants will receive a letter of Approval and notification of toy distribution party. approved applicants must show a copy of a letter to be let into the event and receive their child’s gifts.. ages and amount of children will be verified as well the day of the event.. Thank you for choosing OCTSF to assist your children in receiving the joy of Christmas..
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