It was a great day and an early Start towards Christmas

It was a great day and an early Start towards Christmas for the SGT Matt Schoolfield Family of Chickasha. It consisted of 450.00 worth of train sets toys and gifts presented to the family by the Operation Christmas Train Set Foundation out of Of Oklahoma City, Then the surprises mounted for the family as the Chickasha Fire Department presented them with a 250.00 Check as well as a 100.00 Check from local resident and long term family friend Rainbow Wilson for 100.00. Then as they entered the walmart supercenter in Chickasha by store manager mike and loss prevention manage daniel with not just 1 150.00 gift cards but 2 100.00 gift cards. It was a great delight as Ceo and Founder Dustin Fisher and the walmart team took them on a shopping spree for their kids. After that is was on to the Factory Connection in Chickasha presented the family with a 50.00 gift card. The day of joy ended with a nice meal on the house provided by Zack and Josh of the local interurban restaurant of Chickasha. Josh Gregston Auston B. Ellis Rainbow Wilson Johnna Stumpf Schoolfield
Thank you to everyone who showed up and contributed to making this a great day for the family… Walmart Chickasha Factory Connection Interurban of Chickasha

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